Only 1 woman among top 10 highest-paid CEOs — and she took a pay cut last year

e9992ae9bad06767898f83afad8b89ee.jpeg - The list of the top 10 highest-paid CEOs in the U.S. was released on Wednesday, and only one woman ranked among the chief executives pulling in the largest compensation packages: Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer ranked ninth on the list. In 2015, Mayer earned $36 million in compensation, a 15 percent decline from the previous year, The Associated Press reports. That may be attributable to the fact that, as the AP notes, the internet giant’s stock was down a whopping 34 percent in 2015. It was a busy year for Mayer in her personal life as well — she gave birth to twins in December, and was criticized by some for only taking a two-week maternity leave, even though the company offers up to 16 weeks for new moms. Also, Yahoo had to increase Mayer’s personal security detail after she and her family were the subjects of what the company described as a “credible” threat, CNN Money reported. Though a recent report indicated that the pay gap is actually reversed near the very top of the highest-earning CEOs — the best-performing women chief execs actually out-earn men — at the very top of the top, it’s still largely a boys club.

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