Forbes: Opportunities For Women In Crypto

A column from Forbes lays out growing opportunities for women in cryptocurrency spaces. Leading women in the crypto and blockchain world the discuss everything from the importance of diversity and more women entering the blockchain space to balancing calling out sexism with encouraging women and lifting up the voices of women influencers in the field. Click through to read the entire article, including insights from several leading women in this growing industry. 

Dr. Jemma Green

It’s no secret that women are underrepresented in the crypto world. While women in the space may disagree on whether the topic is worthy of discussion or not, one thing is clear. They’re not going to sit in the sidelines while their male counterparts ride the blockchain wave.

“The blockchain industry is a combination of two very traditionally-male industries -- finance and tech,” Elizabeth Rossiello, CEO & Founder of BitPesa said.

“But this is an entirely new industry, and this is an opportunity for women to break ground -- and they already are.”

Rossiello herself is an example of this. After seeing what she calls the “obvious problem” of funds and institutions having to exit the market because of foreign exchange loss or lack of local currency infrastructure, she started BitPesa as a way to provide liquidity in African markets and reduce friction so businesses in the region to grow.

Meltem Demirors, Chief Strategy Officer of CoinShares, mirrors Rossiello’s sentiments of optimism adding that “the democratization of capital formation and the creation of crypto wealth has enabled women early into the space -- something that’s fundamentally different from every other major tech movement”.

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