Women are Surging Ahead in Crypto Trading

The latest article from Global Crypto Press covers a recent survey, showing the numbers of women trading cryptocurrency is still modest, but is growing and staying strong. We were thrilled to see the survey and article cover women participating in both the trading and tech sides of the industry, and groups such as the New York-based Women in Blockchain—at 1,400 strong—show that while there's still room for growth, women are here to stay and to lead.

Click through for the full article; including trading CFDs and claims from the survey about women's appetite for risk. Whether you agree with the conclusions or think there's more to it, it's enlightening to learn how many women are thriving in this industry—not to mention inspiring.

If you thought the finance sector was a man’s world think again, as it appears women are surging ahead in crypto trading; or at least taking steps to get noticed in this ever-growing industry. Women are taking more and more of an interest in both trading and the decentralized blockchain technology behind digital assets such as Bitcoin.

A recent survey of crypto traders revealed that 8.5 percent were women. While these figures may seem low at first, the increased interest in the crypto field from females could see numbers grow in the near future. Interestingly, a meet-up group in New York City called Women in Blockchain boasts an impressive 1,400 members.

The Cryptocurrency Market and Women
The cryptocurrency market is undoubtedly attracting attention from both sexes. While males still largely dominate the sector it must not be forgotten that the concept of crypto trading and the technology behind it is relatively new in terms of mainstream usage and there’s plenty of time for growth. Tech-savvy female entrepreneurs are already shunning venture capital in favour of ICO fund raising techniques showing that women are embracing crypto trends.

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