Why Women Will Become the Largest Investors in Real Estate

This post on Medium from RealtyReturns, a “cross-border blockchain-based real estate marketplace,” examines a new trend showing that women’s investment in cryptocurrency is rising faster than men’s—and diversified, tokenized real estate investments on the blockchain might be a path toward opening the door for even more women, while avoiding some of the fluctuations and uncertainty that can come with crypto investments.

Click through to read the whole post, which discusses investing through security tokens, as well as how women can dominate the space once knowledge about cryptocurrency and blockchain is more widespread.

By RealtyReturns.io

New research reveals a stunning trend that women are more likely to invest in cryptocurrency over men. It shows that one in eight women or 13 percent are likely to invest in cryptocurrency, compared to only 6 percent last year. In less than a year, women’s interest in cryptocurrency has doubled. That number is even higher when you look at millennial women, where one in five are likely to invest in digital currency.

When you dive deeper into the data you not only find that interest has doubled for women in the last year that know about cryptocurrency; but the bigger story might be that one-third of women have no idea what bitcoin or cryptocurrency even is. If you look at the table below you will see that only 16 percent are somewhat familiar, and a full 30 percent haven’t heard of bitcoin at all.


When you look at both the 7 percent increase of women that have interest investing in bitcoin in conjunction with the fact that 30 percent of women have never even heard of blockchain, it tells you that women are already starting to dominate cryptocurrency despite the fact that one-third still don’t even know what it is. Imagine how much higher the increase in demand will be once all women understand the concept.

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