Female founders bring much more than diversity to startups

SheThePeople, a video and digital platform dedicated to women in leadership, lays out five reasons diversity and gender equality isn't just fair in business--it's beneficial. Women and men alike can buck trends, but with statistics backing up some very real advantages among women-led startups, it's worth embracing female founders no matter how you look at it.

shethepeople.tv - The gender biases of the startup community are long-standing topics of debate but this piece is focusing on really why women make the startup community more relevant and how they matter to growth.

Diversity in founders is imperative for the ecosystem. Women founders bring elements different from male ones and often those inputs can go a mile more in determining the longevity of the enterprise. Investors are missing out by not investing in startups led by women. This is a really big problem, folks, and it’s one that we have the ability to change.

Higher return on investment: Women-led tech companies in the US achieve 35 percent higher return on investment, and, when venture-backed, bring in 12 percent more revenue than male-owned tech companies as per a survey by Kauffman Foundation. In India the number of women startup owners have increased over the year 2015 in a big way. “Now, women are more into technology than in the previous years. Digital media has also empowered them a lot more to come into entrepreneurship,” shared Swati Bhargava, co-founder of coupons website CashKaro.com at the Digital Women Awards.

Women tend to empathize more. They listen and understand. Women have a brilliant way of understanding the consumer pysche and reflect with an intuitive sense.

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