Why it’s important to empower women entrepreneurs with Selling Skills


More and more women are starting businesses and becoming self-driven entrepreneurs--which is fantastic. What is sometimes lacking, especially in an environment that might not be used to nurturing women in entrepreneurship, is selling skills. Even the most successful founder or entrepreneur can benefit from gaining more sales expertise and polishing her selling game. Silicon Cape Initiative, serving entrepreneurs and investors in the Western Cape of South Africa, has five tips to harness your selling power.

siliconcape.com - Why it’s important to empower women entrepreneurs with Selling Skills

It is very exciting to see the growing numbers of women entrepreneurs in South Africa. And even more exciting is to witness how these entrepreneurs are dominating the space that they work in, owning their market share with their most amazing products and services.

Take a closer look though, and you'll see that there is one essential ingredient missing from the mix - selling skills. Why is this, you may ask? Is it due to lack of training, lack of confidence or just relying too heavily on referral business?

I love sales and everything that goes with it. I love the energy of sales, I love closing the deal and getting the signature! That is one of my key motivators and keeps me going every time. So why aren't more women closing deals, asking for the signature?

It may just be due to shyness or not being fully educated about all the nuances of launching and running a business. Whatever the reason, I want to take the time here to highlight where we as entrepreneurs can improve and take our businesses to the next level.

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