Meet Shantha - The Woman From Kerala Who's Given Her Entire Village A Way To Sustain Themselves

When women are thrive, communities thrive. We're happy to share this story today about Shantha from southern India, whose passion lifted up an entire group of women and all the lives they touched.

Shantha began by taking a volunteer job--while women are legally equal in India; they still face inequalities in work, salary, education and more. She networked and learned while volunteering for the government, and eventually learned about microfinance, in which several people can come together, contributing money and approaching a bank for a loan as a group. After working to build a microfinance group, Shantha and her co-entrepreneurs got a loan from the bank--and eventually connected with a larger company, earning even more money and notoriety. The more Shantha and her group gain; the more they're able to help lift their families, give back to their neighborhood and community, improve their own safety and lives, and transform the world around them.

Click through to read more about Shantha and her journey, and keep supporting women's entrepreneurship and empowerment worldwide! - Woman empowerment and entrepreneurship -- together -- are a sign of intensity and achieving independence. There are lot of challenges a woman has to still face: for example, striking a work-life balance chord in the perceived corporate culture scenario. Coming to rural India, there are many young faces which are making a difference to the society today.

Some of them have achieved success through their unprecedented talent, while others have made their mark by their contribution to the upliftment of the society, or just to meet their own ends. Whatever the channel of success, it has definitely given Indian rural society an edge. Today, we share with you an exemplary effort of a 53-year-old woman in Southern India who has inspired many women in her village, and the community at large.

An iron fist for the contemporary rural time - Shantha

When it comes to the rural community of India, the common perception of a lady doing the usual household chores incessantly is the image. Extend our perception to many women in India facing the flak of their husbands; unfortunately even violence and abuse are not unusual at all. Now, cut to an image of a 53-year old, who after many years of struggle and then, hard work, has made her way to achieve modest means for her family. Yes, she has a television, a fan, a bed - all that was unheard of in her poverty-stricken village. She has in fact lifted her whole village out of poverty -- backed by an incredible story of wit and courage.

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