Women economic empowerment to add 30 percent to GDP


Women’s participation in international and domestic economies not only helps women; it leads to healthier economies. We were thrilled to see this report detailing the difference women's economic empowerment can make in Pakistan. Click through to read the whole article, and keep supporting women's empowerment in every way, and in every country! thenews.com.pk - ISLAMABAD: Women economic empowerment will increase the Pakistan’s economy size by 30 percent, a foreign expert said on Wednesday, saying this requires change in laws and granting of ownership rights to females.

“Pakistan is missing out 30 percent GDP (gross domestic product), which could be achieved with women’s empowerment,” Arancha Gonzalez, executive director at International Trade Center (ITC) said, citing a report by the International Monetary Fund.

Gonzalez was addressing a seminar, titled, ‘She Trades’ arranged by the ministry of commerce.

Geneva-based ITC is a joint agency of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, dedicated to supporting the internationalisation of small and medium enterprises.

“We want to connect one million women till 2020 and many women from Pakistan can become part of global initiative,” said the director ITC.

Gonzalez said the purpose of her visit to Pakistan and organising of the seminar is to work with the government of Pakistan for the women’s economic empowerment.

by Mehtab Haider

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