Women's Wallstory: A Headhunter's Open Letter To Wall Street

linkedin.comAs it is Women's History Month, I  want to especially highlight and salute the women on Wall Street.  You continue to change the financial, technology landscape and shatter glass ceilings with roaring femininity and tactful finesse. From the board room to the trading floor and beyond keep going.  Your success is our success as we continue to fight for equality in the workplace and in dollars and cents.

Dear Wall Street:

You are notoriously known for being male dominated, cutthroat and a fast paced environment.  In recent years, you have tried to show you mean business when it comes to more women representation throughout all facets of your organizations.  You have implemented programs to include more women into your workforce with tremendous strides.  You have created programs to support and retain female employees.  As well as, recruit new ones.  Especially, this month as we all celebrate women, there have been plenty of feature stories about your  high ranking female employees.  Even reentry programs for women, who stayed home to raise children and are ready to come back to work.  All, great for Company branding purposes as your websites are populated showing women inclusion.


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