The Secret to Success No One Tells Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur, author, and angel investor Kim Perell had a rocky start in business. After her business went bankrupt when she was just 23, many in her life were less than encouraging and she started her next venture from a cluttered kitchen table. Still, Perell says, one quality helped her push through and succeed—growing and ultimately selling her company twice, and going on to invest in over 70 startups.

"The one thing that separates success from failure is execution, and execution is a skill that can be learned," Perell says.

Click through to watch the video of a speech in which Perell tells her story and also lays out some fo the traits of execution, which she covers in more depth in her book, "The Execution Factor: The One Skill that Drives Success."

By Entrepreneur Staff

Kim Perell's first business venture left her bankrupt and lost, but she didn't give up. She had a big idea for online marketing, and when the banks refused to offer her a loan, she reached out to her grandmother. And though her grandmother didn't know much about internet marketing -- or even about the internet, for that matter -- she gave her $10,000 to try a fresh start.

For three years, Perell did her best to cut costs and build her business, before eventually selling it to Amobee for $235 million. In this video, Perell breaks down the key to her rebound and success: execution.

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