The rise of Davos Woman: who are the 7 female chairs of the World Economic Forum 2018?

While we still have a way to go to reach equal representation in many fields and men still outnumbered women among attendees, the influence of women continues to expand—globally. This year, for the first time in its nearly half-century history, the World Economic Forum was chaired by an all-woman panel. Click through to learn about all seven women leading the global economic conversation in Davos this year.

By Rosa Silverman 

In years gone by, the World Economic Forum has been criticised for the lack of female representation at its annual gathering in Davos. Each year more than 2,500 global leaders, policymakers, business leaders, economists, journalists and celebrities pour into the Swiss resort, but its lack of gender diversity has previously been stark.

In 2015, for instance, only 17 per cent of those attending were women. The term "Davos Man", coined by the late political scientist Samuel Hungtington, became a shorthand for the type of wealthy, elite chap typically found in attendance.

This year, however, marks a change of tone, as the event will be chaired exclusively by women.

So who are the magnificent seven chosen for the first all-female line-up in the summit’s 48-year history?

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