Women Who Have Female Role Models Are More Likely to Value Their Worth

Powerful women lift one another up-sometimes just by their presence. A recent study found that when in the presence of a woman they admire, 89 percent of women felt freer to set more ambitious goals and focus more on prioritizing their own needs, goals, and potential.

Of course every woman should be free to live her best life and choose the path that leaves her, and those around her, the most fulfilled. Women collaborate, inspire one another, and serve as inspiration for one another's success. We all know women have just as much leadership, expertise, and hard work to offer the world. It's only natural that being encouraged by other women leaders would drive the point home. 

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By Jeanette Settembre

Women are helping women want more for themselves.

A new study by Lean Cuisine and New York University psychology professor Emily Balcetis found that 89 percent of women set more ambitious life goals in the presence of other women they admired than they did when contemplating them alone. And 77 percent chose greater aspirations in the aspects of life they deemed most important.

Balcetis administered a questionnaire to 18 participants, asking them a series of personal, career and finance questions like what they want most in life, how much money they’d want to make and their dream career. Then, weeks later, the participants were invited to “shop” at a makeshift store where items on the shelves mimicked the same survey questions involving ideal family life and level of education they’d want to achieve — but this time, they were selecting these life choices in the presence of an influential woman in their life.

Despite stereotypes that suggest female relationships trigger anxiety and pressures, the study found, the women chose much more ambitiously than they did when completing the survey alone — deciding on higher salaries and more hours.

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