Honoring the Power and Progress of Black Women

The United States is observing Black History Month all February with stories, discussions, celebrations and more honoring the lives and works of black people as we continue the fight for equality—and the success, strength, and talent of black women is often front and center. Here are a few articles that caught our eye this week.

How This Digital Influencer Is Adding More Seats to the Table, from Forbes—“My hope is that eventually there are many more women of color who can create their own events and get consulting gigs with these companies. You can’t make a change if you aren’t in the rooms where decisions are being made.”

Meet ‘Black Girl Magic,’ the 19 African-American Women Elected As Judges in Texas, from NPR—“This cycle, Harris County also saw record numbers of Hispanic-American, Asian-American and LGBT candidates. And the more such candidates win, the more it encourages younger people of diverse backgrounds to believe they can do the same.”

Black Women Are Making a Name for Themselves As Tech Entrepreneurs, from USA Today—“We’re in a moment right now, black women, black women founders, Latinx women founders—we’re in a moment where people care. Our goal at digitalundivided is to turn that moment into a movement.”

100+ Books by Black Women That Should Be Essential Reading for Everyone, from PopSugar—“Diverse literature is more essential than ever in today's current climate. Books are some of the best tools for developing tolerance and empathy, and few books are as rich and nuanced as those penned by black women.”

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Image credit: Cflgroup Media | Pexels