5 Things A Confident Woman Does NOT Put Up With


Confidence is important in work and life. The courage, determination and clarity we gain from having confidence in who we are, what we offer and what we need is vital and empowering, but sometimes it's too easy to lose sight of that confidence, especially when faced with certain discouraging circumstances and unhelpful actions from others. Leena Roy from Women Working shared some words of wisdom for what to do when facing certain obstacles as a confident woman Read the first two tips in this excerpt, and be sure to check out the rest of the article and check out the Women Working website.

When people don’t give you a straight answer

This is one of my favorites (and closely interlinked with my article on passive-aggressive coworkers) because there is just so much of this in the office! Whether it’s your team member who won’t take ownership or your friends being non-committal about plans, you know when you have heard enough to say "oh no, hell no!" The next time around, the person you called out for their behavior is likely to think twice before trying to pull that again with you.

When people are condescending

This can make a woman with a lot of ego see red. We face condescension from people who think they know better, look better, do better – whether it’s true or not. But a successful woman knows just how to nip it in the bud. It might be by putting the person in their place, or drawing attention to the attitude that is not appreciated, or simply choosing to exit a situation. A confident woman knows she won’t put up with that, and it certainly doesn’t make her feel bad.

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