Cayman stepping up for gender equality


In the Cayman Islands, as in other areas throughout the world, residents and leaders aren't content to honor women only on International Women's Day. Cayman leaders discuss women's empowerment, education and celebration events all month long during Honoring Women Month--including why the story of Malala Yousafzai is so inspirational (the documentary film “He Named Me Malala” will be screened for free on International Women's Day), how gender equality is an issue that affects everyone, and “the importance of involving both men and women in working together to promote equal opportunities for all." - International Women’s Day is Tuesday, but in the Cayman Islands, women will be celebrated with special events all month.

March is Honoring Women Month in Cayman, and the Family Resource Centre has organized several events around the theme of “Step it up for gender equality.”

The theme is tied to a commitment made by world leaders at the United Nations in 2015 to end discrimination against women by 2030 with “concrete and measurable” actions to kick-start rapid change in their countries.

“It starts with self-evaluating what is happening within our organizations, our community, and seeing whether there are ways that men and women aren’t being treated fairly or equally,” Family Resource Centre program facilitator Charmaine Miller said. “Women’s equality isn’t just a woman’s issue, it’s a human rights issue.”

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