How Our Generation Is Approaching Gender in a Totally New Way


Women are used to fighting assumptions and gender stereotypes—but even the staunchest feminists in their 30s and older might be unfamiliar with some of the terms in the latest discussions about gender and sexuality. Millennials and teens today are eschewing labels and gender restrictions in ways and in numbers that haven't been seen before in the mainstream. They're exploring uncertainty, identity and non-binary genders, they focus on individuality, and their discussions revolve most often around education and acceptance. Click through to read more and to watch an interview by Teen Vogue with some fresh faces from Calvin Klein's ck2 campaign—because accepting one another as we are is empowering to everyone. - Teen Vogue caught up with the cool kids of Calvin Klein's ck2 campaign to talk about what it means to live label free. Dancer/rapper Victoria Brito aka Vickatrillion, Kanye muse Luka Sabbat, and twin models Kelsey and Baylee Soles each talk about why gender stereotypes are limiting, proving that you don't have to identify as gender fluid in order to understand gender fluidity.

"As a woman, sometimes they just expect you to dress a certain way and act a certain way, and sometimes you aren't recognized for other things besides femininity," says Kelsey. "Each day I try to be a different character. I'll be really feminine one day, or really masculine another."

In February, Calvin Klein launched fragrance ck2, a sequel to the 1994 unisex classic CK One. CK One was the world's first unisex fragrance, and the original campaign became part of the '90s zeitgeist. Now, the gender-free ck2 is celebrating fluidity and coexistence by embracing how millennials are able to explore their relationships, friendships, and sexualities without judgement or labels.