Meet the Muslim Artist Making Global Waves, One Brushstroke at a Time - Muslim Girl

Multitalented artist and entrepreneur Huda Hashim sat down with Muslim Girl to talk about how she sends a message with her art and how artists--especially in today's charged political climate--can raise awareness or even just serve as powerful reminders of the vibrant art Muslim creators have to offer.

Hashim addressed about these issues in interview with Muslim Girl, as well as discussing what kind of artist she strives to be, what inspired her to start her own company, incorporating her culture and faith into her art, the power of storytelling, advice for young Muslim women pursuing arts careers and more. - There isn’t much that artist Huda Hashim cannot do. She is a painter, a calligrapher, and an interior designer. She creates and renders 3D environments and has worked on several animation shorts. Oh—and she started her own company, Hudarts, at the age of 20.

Huda Hashim received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in 3D animation and minored in visual arts at the University of Texas at Dallas. Merging the distinctive worlds of arts and technology, she hopes to innovate and challenge traditional ways of making art. Huda’s artwork consists of 3D visualizations, modern African and Islamic art.

Huda’s success in pursuing a non-traditional field is an inspiration to young Muslim women who have asked themselves, over and over again, if it’s worth it. Many girls aspire to be pioneers of the liberal arts—painters, writers, film producers—from a young age, but are often held back. Whether by the voices inside their own “rational” minds or the voices of their parents, young Muslim women are too often discouraged from becoming who they are meant to be.

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