Salma Hayek And Jessica Williams Get Heated On Feminism

b9b7ecc93a4c05e9378c4f3648df5c22.jpeg - What was meant to be a celebration of women filmmakers at the Sundance Festival turned into an unyielding debate on feminism in the face of Donald Trump’s divisive administration. Sponsored by Glamour and Girlgaze, the “Powered By Women” luncheon held days after the Women’s March on Washington did more than bring a host of influencers to one table. It ultimately ripped the guise of sisterhood to shreds, unearthing the distance women have yet to go to live in solidarity.

According to the Los Angeles Times, veteran actresses Salma Hayek and Shirley MacLaine offered their shared opinion that women shouldn’t reduce themselves to victims. “Find the democracy inside,” MacLaine told Jessica Williams, who alluded to the oppression of black, brown and queer communities.

Hayek chimed in to challenge the former Daily Show correspondent to “investigate” who she is beyond her race and womanhood. Williams, however, noted that it’s impossible for her to turn a blind eye to the inhumane legacy of white supremacy. “If you have to do that, then do that,” the Frida star retorted. “Then that’s your journey. But I want to inspire other people to know it’s a choice.”