For Women in The Workplace, Does Loving Your Job Matter?


We enjoyed this piece from Take the Lead on loving our jobs -- at least some of the time. How generous we are with others and even the perceptions we reinforce in our own minds, as well as traits like courage and resourcefulness, can help us see the best -- and do our best -- in almost any job. Another crucial element is leadership: If you're confident in the leadership at your company, you are more likely to love your job. It's a lesson workers and founders alike can keep in mind for happy, healthy workplaces. taketheleadwomen.comWashington Post publisher and owner Katharine Graham reportedly once said, “To love what you do and feel that it matters, how can anything be more fun?”

Agreed, not all of us love our work every second of every day. Nor are most of us rushing off to the bathroom to weep or call a friend in a panic. Well, not every day.

You don’t have to love your job all the time, but you can try to love your job a lot of the time. So just how can you fall in love, or stay in love with your job, your work and your career?

Some experts say that starts with how you treat others.

“By giving others the benefit of the doubt, you’ll feel a lot happier at work because you won’t be held back by resentment or anger. Just think about how much easier it would be to get back to your work when your mindset changes from ‘My boss ignores everything I’m working on,’ to ‘My boss doesn’t micromanage me,’ according to The Muse.

And if you feel as if your boss or supervisor is competent, you are also more likely to like your job. Nothing like feeling you are a passenger on a runaway train to bring you down. Trusting that your manager knows what she is doing makes a huge difference in your happiness level.

by Michele Weldon

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