Yes, You Should Be Watching 'Supergirl'


From fighting for what they believe in, to discussing women's issues, to being (gasp!) imperfect examples of women; Kara (aka Supergirl) and the other characters in CBS's "Supergirl" provide a strong, progressive, nuanced look at the lives of strong women and men. From casting to directing and action sequences, the show is a powerhouse-in-the making in its own right. Read below for just a few reasons to check out the show as Kara, Catco, and co. fight for the country; the planet; and, yes, for women's rights. - Lexi Alexander is directing tonight’s episode of Supergirl. That alone would be reason enough to tune in, as the acclaimed Green Street Hooligans/Punisher War Zone director is once again dipping her toes in the DC television universe pond after helming an episode of Arrow last year. The famously upfront and vocal director, who constantly hits back at the film industry’s deeply entrenched gender and racial inequalities, was recruited for the fourth episode of Arrow’s fourth season. That gig led to tonight’s Supergirl and will hopefully lead to more high-profile television directing jobs in the future (like a confirmed gig directing a comparatively action-free episode of Limitless).

If the movies don’t want her, then television should relish the opportunity. That an immigrant would find herself directing an episode titled “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” is perfectly fitting with the show’s openhearted optimism and a narrative where the two showiest heroes are aliens in both senses of the word. Point being, if you haven’t been watching Supergirl or you gave up after the not-great post-pilot episodes, it’s time to rectify that mistake.

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