3 key ways India’s tech community is empowering women


Despite imbalances in many areas, India boasts higher levels of involvement of women in the tech industry than many countries, including the United States. While still outnumbered by men, numbers are going in the right direction for women in the tech industry in India. Mashable brings us this report of the country's receptiveness to women in tech careers in India, and the move to continue recognizing talented women in the field. mashable.com - Statistics can be depressing. Take these, for example: only 30 percent of India’s tech force is made up of women, with a meager 36 percent of this pool promoted to supervisory positions.

Statistics can also be uplifting. There are predictions that the country’s current male to female ratio in tech companies — 76 to 24 — will become 65 to 33 in the next year. In fact, India is still better off than other, more “progressive” countries like the United States, where only 21% of the tech workforce is made up of female employees

If there’s one thing that the tech industry has taught us, it’s to focus on the numbers and constantly look for new solutions. Here are some ways that the tech community is helping make a change in India.

Paypal’s “recharge”

While global payments giant PayPal hasn’t made much of a dent in India thanks to local regulations, it’s still got a large presence in the country, with a technology center set up in Chennai and another office in Bangalore.

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