Showcasing Women in Tech


Sava360 brought our attention to a powerful series highlighting leading women in technology by Shelly Kapoor Collins of ShellShockd, a community of women in tech who support one another and work together to form opportunities, foster innovation and work toward equality because they believe that “technology is the greatest equalizer of the 21st century, and without women in tech, there is no equality. - This original article by Shelly Kapoor Collins can be found on ShellShockd.

In writing this series, I want to bring to life and highlight the positive experiences of women in technology and venture capital who have made it despite their struggles and are even thriving side-by-side with male counterparts who are supportive of their success. Through this series, I aspire to build a community of support so that we as women have our own good ol’boys network and access to resources that will guide and support us before we make the decision to leave the Tech industry. I want to mobilize new members into the world of girl geekdom because technology is the greatest equalizer of the 21st century and without Women in Technology, there is no such equality.

The number of women in the technology industry is marginal and declining. From the ongoing talk about gender pay inequality, women struggling to find balance between work and career, lack of startup capital, and lack of a level playing field with male counterparts, it well known that America has a Women in Tech problem. While it’s important to recognize the issue, over analysis and getting caught up in negativity is a slippery slope that does not result in a solution. In this case, we know we have a (lack) of women in tech but what are we doing about it? Is this a policy issue? A jobs issue? An education issue? A family issue? The answer: it’s all of it.

Read more about ShellSchockd and women in tech here, or check out their website and full series here.

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