For women in tech, feminism is in the details

From representation in social media icons to inclusion in Wikipedia's articles, details matter in feminism and the discussion surrounding women's rights. Tech industry efforts most often in the spotlight tend to be concrete and large issues like women's safety and promotions (or lack thereof) in the workplace. These are undoubtedly some of the biggest issues. However, the way women are described, portrayed, and included (or not) affects our overall view on women's worth and well-being. We were very interested to read this article from TechCrunch on the the details of feminism in the tech industry. - The topic of women in tech can take on different forms. It is about women‘s positions and promotions (or the lack thereof) in the tech industry, with initiatives meant to help women network, find opportunities or hold discriminating industry leaders accountable.

It is also about developing technology that can help us make this world kinder to women, by offering solutions to problems that have to do with women’s health, safety and career dilemmas. And not last nor least, it is about how the information we consume and are exposed to influences the representation (or, once again, the lack thereof) of women everywhere.

The tech world is an arena where discoveries are made every day, and the responsibility to lead others in new directions is all around. Today’s human society learns via Wikipedia, blogs and social networks, which is why so-called insignificant changes are in fact quite dramatic. The following is a set of stories that have taken place over the past year; they may not be earth-shattering, but they absolutely symbolize the winds of feminist change.

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