Wonder Women Tech Conference to Highlight Female Tech Contributions

lbpost.com - The Second Annual Wonder Women Tech Conference is around the corner, to arrive in Long Beach next weekend, July 15 for a three-day celebration on women innovators.

With the theme #WEAREPIONEERS, the 3,000 attendees will explore women, diversity in tech, and the pioneers leading the way for innovation, according to a city release. Long Beach is set to sponsor the event for the next three years.

“I wanted to co-create an ecosystem where we could discover a diverse range of pioneering women and men as role models, and cultivate a network where women were supporting and educating other women through their journey toward building success in tech, STEAM and innovation,” said Lisa Mae Brunson, founder of Wonder Women Tech, in a statement.

Five winners will be announced for the women, who entered the #InvestInABoss Pitch Competition in May. The pitch is featured as one of many events at Wonder Women Tech.

Winners will be judged on their initial pitch video submission by a panel of judges, which include industry professionals, city officials, and VC/Angel Investors, according to a release. Winners will receive a custom crowd-sourced funding and resource campaign for one year, along with exposure of investors and potential customers.

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