Ivanka Trump on Work Life Balance | CNBC

Ivanka Trump talks to CNBC about "managing the ebbs and flows of life," discusses her many roles and offers her perspective on the corporate environment for women today.

Trump grew up involved in real estate (she's now the vice president of development and acquisitions for The Trump Organization) and went on to launch the Ivanka Trump Fashion Brand for apparrel and accessories. Along the way, she noticed that every woman seemed to follow her passions, but priorities differed depending on the woman—and she thinks that's fine.

For her own life, she tries her best to balance her time between business and taking care of her two children—but, she says, the "scale always tips in one direction."

"The way I look at everything is just about managing priorities. I like to think I'm where I need to be: A lot of times that's with my children and a lot of times that's in an office," she says.

She's also started a conversation about how women are portrayed, regardless of their approach to family and business.

"I wanted to explore this idea of this 'working woman,'" she says. "You don't refer to a man as a 'working man,' and yet a woman is called a 'working woman,' and I think that oftentimes in media, that's depicted as one-dimensional: You're either choosing to be in the workforce or you're choosing to stay at home. And I think the reality is, this modern working woman is working hard at all aspects of her life, all her passions"

Trump says she doesn't necessarily advocate any one approach to work-life balance.

"My approach is to celebrate the fact that we're really all the architects of our own lives. And we have one life, and you have to make it what you want it to be.

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