United Way's Women in Philanthropy 10th Anniversary Video

In this special 10th anniversary video, United Way's Women in Philanthropy talk about what moves them to help foster youth, how they come together for the worthy cause and their personal backgrounds that bring the issue home for them.

Helping the vulnerable is often a journey of strength and power for the philanthropists themselves, and the compassion and comfort women can offer is crucial for those they help as well as one another, the dedicated women say "United Way’s Women in Philanthropy is a group of local women dedicated to ensuring foster youth throughout our community are prepared for and successful in their futures," the group says on its website. "Members teach foster youth to manage their finances, lead life skills workshops, and make holiday seasons special by providing gifts and necessities. Dynamic and powerful, Women in Philanthropy members act as positive role models and essential advocates for the foster youth throughout the community."

Watch the whole video for glimpses of these women's incredible stories. This group is one of 120 United Way women’s groups. Learn more, including information about their 14th annual Women in Philanthropy Luncheon, on their webiste; like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.