Women Entrepreneurship In India - A Successful Paradigm Shift In Female Enterprise

Dr. Sumita Datta of SP Jain Institute's Family Managed Business (FMB) Program shares her views on the changing images of Indian women; from the negative stereotypes faced by women in business to the rise of female entrepreneurship in India.

There are many preconceptions about women in India; including illiteracy, discrimination, exploitation and more; but a narrative has been emerging that puts Indian women entrepreneurs in the role of business leaders.

Datta draws on her 13 years of expertise to comment on the factors responsible for this shift toward emerging women entrepreneurship in India. She sees a number of factors contributing to the trend. For instance, family structures have in recent years changed from joint to nuclear families, with women placed as more significant partners in providing income for their families. Combined with factors like increased education for women and increased exposure to business, many more Indian women are confident and motivated to lead.

There are still many challenges. including the conflict that can arise while managing a business while managing life transitions such as children, marriage and caregivers' duties. The center also interviewed several successful entrepreneurs about what helps them succeed in business and in their lives.

Their experiences paint a picture of organic growth into family business after childhood introductions, of passion and earned expertise and respect after overcoming bias, of balancing acts between work and home life—and of a rising tide of women entrepreneurs in India, made strong by their challenges.

"I think I truly believe that being a woman in business, especially your own family business, adds that added emotional angle to the business ... The reason they have the edge is the passion that drives the business," says Priti Gupta, executive director of Anand Rathi Financial Services. Entrepreneurs interviewed include:

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