Women Philanthropists: Doing It Differently

"The love of humankind." That's the original definition of philanthropy (from phil for "loving" and anthropos for "humankind," which often includes women). In this panel discussion from the Aspen Institute, leading women philanthropists discuss their humanitarian work; including how they approach giving, how they hope to influence the next generation and what it means ot be a woman and a philanthropist.

According to Forbes Magazine, over the next four decades $41 trillion will change hands from one generation to the next--with women controlling 70 percent of the money. Clearly, women philanthropists are in a position to influence and change the world on an unprecedented scale.

From justice and fairness and what most moves, saddens and inspires them to when we can expect to see the first woman president, this panel of powerful women discuss their values and experiences; what it means to love--and help--humanity; and how women bring a unique strength, style, vision and passion to the front lines of philanthropy. Panelists include: