Leadership Specialist Jenny Garrett Talks Female Breadwinners

Jenny Garrett; a mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation and a personal and business coach for over ten years who focuses on coaching leaders in many public, private and nonprofit organizations; has turned her focus to female breadwinners.

It's the focus of her coaching, as well as her book "Rocking Your Role," which she calls a "how-to guide to success for female breadwinners." A female breadwinner, Garrett says, is a woman who is with a partner but earns more, or simply someone who is the sole earner in a family. They make up about 50 percent of the population, she says.

"The concept of female breadwinners is not something everyone knows about," she says, adding that while many women have changed to encompass both family and business roles, society hasn't necessarily changed to be welcoming to them.

Garrett seeks to help women navigate the complex challenges of a world that isn't necessarily ready for them, while dealing with role reversal and much more. She wants to help those who are struggling, she says, but also to celebrate those who are thriving.

One of the biggest challenges women mention is doing it all and feeling burned out.

"I help them to thank about how they can drop that cape of invincibility and actually help others to help themselves."

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