How Female Entrepreneurship Can Become Stronger

Business 2 Community, a website connecting professionals and businesses with one another and to consumers, explores how women can become even more successful as entrepreneurs. Female entrepreneurship has increased and flourished in recent years, but there are still opportunities for growth. The author builds on previous research into women entrepreneurs, but moves beyond tips to become a successful entrepreneur—and into how to grow and flourish as a woman business leader.

Read on for tips on funding, mentoring, and research, as well as five tips to build strength as a business owner.

By Greetje den Holder

Two months ago, in 9 Tips on How to Make Female Entrepreneurship Move Forward, I stated that it is time for female entrepreneurship to move forward and gave some tips on how to do that. In addition, I listed six books on female entrepreneurship that I will list again at the end of this blog, just because I find it important that women know where to find information.

In this blog post, however, I want to show what it takes for women to acquire money from VC firms, why mentoring is important for female entrepreneurship, and how women can become strong as entrepreneurs. Writing this blog post, I have had help from recent articles by Shellie KarabellSophie Jarvis, and Eve Ashworth.

Female entrepreneurs face a big gap

Female entrepreneurs face a big gap: the kind of gap that happens when the venture capital guys (emphasis on “guys”) will not invest in you to start up or scale up your projects. Annet Aris, selected as one of Amsterdam’s Tech 50 women in 2017, feels it is not the number of female entrepreneurs that is the issue. In fact, she feels it is about creating an environment that is supportive for female entrepreneurs: “VC firms seem to find it hard to give money to a woman. VCs are mostly men and women are mostly ignored.”

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