5 Women-Founded Companies With Upcoming ICOs

Crypto Daily, a U.K.-based group of crypto enthusiasts, recently covered several ICOs launched as May begins—all founded by women. Read on and click through for summaries on each company and the founder; addressing financial services, personal data, crypto investing services, and even DNA. And continue to join us as we bring you the latest cryptocurrency and blockchain news and support women in this dynamic and growing field.

By Allyson Brooks

You may not have noticed, but there aren’t a lot of women in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. This fact rings true in the entire finance and tech fields – brokerage firms, banks, tech startups and the like are male-dominated.

But, cryptocurrency was created to be disruptive; and I think should be disruptive to gender inequality in the tech and finance fields. As it stands, women’s participation in the cryptocurrency community hovers around 2 percent. That’s abysmal.

One of the many simple ways to support women-led blockchain and cryptocurrency initiatives is to participate in their initial coin offerings (ICOs.) Here are some ICOs you can buy in to this week.

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