Russia Hosts World’s First Crypto-Conference for Women

Women Investing in Women Digital and Qrypto Queens made history in Russia at the end of last month as Founder Anu Bhardwaj delivered the keynote address at the world's largest crypto conference for women.

The conference, hosted in Moscow by the Crypto Lady Association and Buzcoin, brought together leading women in cryptocurrency and blockchain to discuss everything from the technology of blockchain and mining cryptocurrency to investing and avoiding scams.

We're excited to become part of the growing movement in Russia as well as around the world as women are getting more involved in all areas of cryptocurrency and blockchain; from development and marketing to investing and leading conversations. It's all about women unleashing their potential to join and spearhead efforts in this growing field, and we believe in our shared responsibility to educate and support one another in this industry and advocate for more diversity, inclusion, involvement, and participation across all areas of crypto and blockchain.

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Last weekend on April 28-29, the first crypto-conference for women was held in the congress hall of the Golden Ring Hotel in Moscow. The organizer of the event, Crypto Lady Association, and the grand partner, BUZCOIN, which was recently launched by popular singer and TV host Olga Buzova.

More than 150 people attended the event featuring the leading experts of the crypto-industry, represented exclusively by the beautiful ladies.

The conference was opened by a guest from Los Angeles, Anu Bhardwaj, the founder and leader of Women Investing in Women Digital, the world’s largest digital media platform focusing on women and investment with a strong emphasis on women in blockchain.

Additionally, the speakers of the conference include the head of the interdepartmental group on the cryptocurrency for State Duma and the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs- Elina Sidorenko, the member of the expert council for State Duma on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies- Nadezhda Surova, an investor-practitioner, analyst of ICO projects, crypto-trader, member of the Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, and the teacher of the RMA business school- Julia Zakharchenko, as well as many other leading industry experts from different parts of the world – Hong Kong, USA, and the CIS.

The conference participants had the opportunity to learn about the prospects for the development of a new financial system, the ways to invest in digital gold, advanced blockchain technologies, the best points of buying and selling cryptocurrencies, and the investments in ICO projects as well as scams.

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