7 Things You Should Know About Your Average Crypto Investor

With the emerging industry of cryptocurrencies becoming accessible to more and more investors, Bitcoin Exchange Guide outlines seven facts about the “average crypto investor”—highlighting the self-perception, place of residence, and average education common among crypto participants; crypto usage, holdings, and preference among Millennials and others—and the gender balance in the crypto world, at least for now. The guide notes that some women are starting to “buck the trend” even though men dominate the space now. Click through to learn more about the crypto market, and keep joining us as we support women women entering and thriving in cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency market appreciated more than 1,200 percent in 2017. That’s a pretty impressive growth spurt. As Bitcoin was thrust into the public eye, interest in cryptocurrencies around the world began to pique.

More and more people started researching ICOs and cryptocurrencies, looking for quick financial gains–and realizing they didn’t need a high net worth to take part.

Democratizing the world of investments, in fact, sets cryptocurrency apart from traditional markets, allowing anyone to get in on the action.

Besides the major players and institutional investors pouring millions into tokens, ordinary people want to make the most out of their savings as well.

And as the number of users continues to rise, knowing more about your average crypto investor is vital and can reveal a lot about your market.

7 Things To Know About Your Average Crypto Investor

So here are a few things you should know about cryptocurrency investors in 2018:

1. Users See Themselves As Investors

Most people who place their money (and faith) in cryptocurrencies and ICOs consider themselves investors. Only about 10% of the people we interviewed declared that they were miners, business owners, freelancers, or service providers.

It may not seem like an important distinction, but this simple terminology backs a rising trend we’re seeing, wherein participants view cryptocurrencies as a long-term investment (rather than a “get rich quick” mechanism).

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