Four myths about women entrepreneurs

"Unicorns" aren't the only mythological terms you'll hear when discussing startups and entrepreneurs--particularly women entrepreneurs. Here are just a few preconceptions people tend to have about female founders, with responses that should equip you to understand more and bust a few myths. - As a woman entrepreneur, I’m sure you’ve faced more than your share of misconceptions and preconceived notions. No matter how far you’ve come or how high you’ve risen, there will always be people whose notions are grossly incorrect, sometimes downright offensive. For instance, how often have you been asked, “How are you able to manage it all?” On the flip side, we don’t often hear men being asked such questions about how they tread the fine line of work-life balance, right? So why are we, as women, subjected to such presumptions?

Myth #1: You won’t have a life outside the home or office

One of the most common (and therefore most persistent) myths out there is that you just won’t have a life outside of work. While this may be true in the early stages of your entrepreneurial journey, once you’ve established your business, it becomes easier to take a step back. The trick is to ‘prioritise and compartmentalise’ – that is, focus on the top tasks on your ‘to do’ list and devote time exclusively to each task. Leave work behind when you come home and learn to set aside time for yourself. I know scores of women, like me, who helm corporations and have a demanding family life, but still manage to squeeze in some ‘me time’ for themselves on a daily basis. Chalk out at least a half-hour every day to do something you love and then watch the magic unfold.

As for me, I always try to steal away from my packed schedule a weekend trip to Pune, every few months, to spend time with family.

Myth #2: You need to act like a man to succeed

Here’s another golden oldie – that, to be successful, you need to behave (and dress) like a man.

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