Lighting the Way to Women’s Economic Empowerment

Sustainable development has to include--and encourage--the contributions of women worldwide. One company is seeing the financial and social profitability in embracing the idea. ONergy, a renewable energy venture in eastern India, is helping to introduce solar power to East and Northeast India while partnering with women in training programs that educate and empower the local entrepreneurs to promote the products throughout the region. The company plans to introduce clean, reliable energy to 1 million people by 2017 and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 100,000 tons. The company has already trained more than 5,000 women and plans to reach out to 50,000 in the next three years, training them on ONergy's technology and features as well as partnering with organizations like NGOs and microfinance institutions to help women gain knowledge to enter the entrepreneurial world and support their families and communities.

Read more about the venture below and at the link. - The women of East and Northeast India no longer need to fear the dark. ONergy, an award-winning social enterprise, has developed a number of innovative energy solutions that not only address the dearth of electricity in the region – improving safety in their communities – but also light a path toward economic empowerment for women.

ONergy’s innovative solar power solutions are providing energy to meet India’s development and social challenges. To promote solar as a clean and reliable source of energy, the company is training women entrepreneurs in its products’ technology, usability and special features. By partnering with local grassroots organizations – microfinance institutions, NGOs and women’s self-help groups – the company is imparting product know-how while also enabling these women to serve as company distributors – providing both income and empowerment.

“Lack of energy is an important bottleneck to development. And women are the central force in the development of their families and the shaping of the next generation,” says Piyush Jaju, CEO of ONergy. “ONergy’s products provide environmental benefits by reducing the use of diesel generators, kerosene and other harmful energy sources – and empower women to help shape a brighter tomorrow.”

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