Meet Madison, a 9-year-old Champion for Change


Madison Harrison, who launched her own photography business at 7, has loved photography since she was a  toddler. The young entrepreneur, now 9, posted a photo supporting the #62MillionGirls campaign and speaks out about the importance of girls receiving an education.  Read more here and follow the for the full interview with Harrison, where she talks about her passions in photography and her support of Girl Rising's mission to help girls everywhere achieve their dreams.

Visit Photos With Madison and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - While most 9 year olds are busy making memories, Madison Harrison is also busy capturing them.

Her interest in photography was sparked at her third birthday party and at the age of seven, Madison started her own photography business.

“I love to photograph little girls and their dolls or boys and their toys,” Madison says on what she likes most about photography.

In two short years she’s gone from photographing her friends and flowers (still two of her favorite things to photograph) to organizing dress and canned food fundraisers and even photographing two weddings.

Girl Rising first met this young professional during the #62MillionGirls campaign where she posted a photograph to show her support.

“I am so happy that this campaign is letting the world know that there are so many girls who are not in school,” Madison says. “The more people know, the more it will make a difference. “

One thing that we love about Madison is that she’s working hard to make a difference in the world through her photography projects.

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