Passing The Baton: 5 Ways Women Leaders Can Help Other Women - Take The Lead

Success is not a finite resource. Contrary to what you may have heard or read, powerful women often help other women succeed -- through gestures big and small, formal and informal; ranging from lifting each other up and reaching out to mentoring and promoting up-and-comers.

We're happy to share this piece from Take the Lead Women on five ways women leaders can help other women, paving the way for even more women leadership and empowerment. - I was in the audience at a conference listening to a professional panel last week, with each one of the three women leaders talking about her years of experience in media. A younger woman in the audience raised her hand to ask a question.

“I want to know more about passing the baton, and how I can grow into a career, following in your footsteps.”

One of the seasoned journalists responded, “I want to pass the baton to you smoothly, but I cannot stop and look for you behind me. You need to keep up the pace, so I can reach behind me and you can grab it quickly, move ahead and continue the race. I am happy to help, but if I stop to try to find you, we will both be disqualified. This way we both win.”

But the behaviors of women at work can be on the other end of the spectrum. In some work environments, women leaders not only don’t pass the baton, they make sure they are obstructionists to any other woman rising up. We don’t want to be her. So here are five quick strategies to being the kind of woman in the workplace who is not only amenable to other women, but also supportive to the cause of empowering all the women she encounters professionally.

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