Women in Blockchain and Crypto: How to Tackle Gender Inequality

An opinion piece in CoinTelegraph explores some of the reasons behind the gender imbalance in cryptocurrency and blockchain—and how to address the gap. After laying out statistics and discussing contributing factors such as recent inequalities in representation on speaker panels and overt or subtle hostility within the industry, the author goes on to discus factors that might contribute to the imbalance.

He also addresses strategies to welcome more women to the crypto and blockchain space; including investing in women-led blockchain companies and creating more awareness about the industry and how to get involved.

Obviously not all women we're familiar with are totally risk averse, but it's always nice to see discussions centering ways to make crypto and blockchain more welcoming to women. Click through to read more, and keep investing and getting involved.

By Patrick Thompson

The percentage of women invested and involved in cryptocurrency is far lower than that of men. This could be confirmed by numerous surveys and research studies. Moreover, incidents like the North American Bitcoin Conference, where only 3 of the 88 speakers were women and the conference after party was held at a strip club, show a disparity trend present in the industry.

Recently, there has been a push to get more women involved in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Initiatives like Mogul’s “Women in Crypto” events and organizations like the Women in Blockchain Foundation have been making an effort to get more women involved in the blockchain and crypto space.

So what exactly do the participation statistics reveal, and what could women do to get more involved in the emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency industries?

Disparity in involvement

According to Coin.dance, as of May 2018, 94.73 percent of Bitcoin community engagement and active participation comes from men and 5.27 percent from women.

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