These Projects Are Changing the Way We Do Blockchain

Even when cryptocurrencies fluctuate, the industry holds enormous promise as focus turns to the tech behind the currencies. Fascination with cryptocurrencies spiked last year, but may now be giving way in some spaces to an increased appreciation for the potential of blockchain for computing and transactions. Big companies are signing on, and new businesses have also emerged based entirely on developing blockchain solutions. Bitcoin News highlights Skycoin, Blockhive, and Lisk; three new promising blockchain projects.

By Pini Raviv

Last year, it seemed like everyone was preoccupied with the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Most people were overwhelmed by the sheer breadth of the industry. For nearly twelve months, crypto retained the world’s attention, and they gave it quite a show.

As the calendar changed and the new year arrived, crypto markets took a dip and people’s attention quickly shifted to blockchain technology that powers digital currencies. The blockchain has long been lauded as a transformative and disruptive technology with significant implications for virtually every industry.

Many of the blockchain’s features like its decentralized networking, embedded smart contracts, and ubiquitous reliability are the features that present the security and capability improvements that many companies seek.

The blockchain received glowing endorsements from a cadre of industry and thought leaders. IBM CEO, Ginni Rometty, predicts that “What the internet did for communications, blockchain will do for trusted transactions.” In addition, notorious crypto skeptic, Jamie Dimon, expressed confidence in the blockchain’s importance to the future of computing, describing it as “real.” His word choice may be muted, but it constitutes high praise from an industry CEO reticent to embrace new technologies.

Image credit: Adobe Stock

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