Interview with Anila Arthanari of Infusionsoft

Anila Arthanari, development leader at Infusionsoft, quit her corporate job six years ago to be an entrepreneur, and quickly realized she'd found her place providing small businesses and entrepreneurs with software and productivity tools to help them grow their own brands and customer bases. She'd found her way to change the world. Arthanari says world needs more women in leadership positions, and discusses unique challenges women face in business and entrepreneurship. Women are more likely to contend with challenges from within; such as a lack of confidence, a biased culture or the feeling that they must choose between nurturing their families and nurturing growing businesses. Women are also still outnumbered on boards and in top positions, but are poised to take ownership of recent gains and fight to help one another achieve true equality. We're in the middle of a revolution, she says, and it's up to women to seize the opportunities.

"You are everything you need to be successful," she says. "The only question is how do I use my power and where do I use it?"

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