Top 10 Power Moves for Women Entrepreneurs

Award-winning television and radio personality and money, media and marketing coach Monique Caradine shares ten winning moves for women entrepreneurs, counting down from No. 10:

10. Rub shoulders with millionaires regularly. Find networking events where you can meet and greet these movers and shakers.

9. Build your team. You don't have to do everything yourself! "Get brillian people who will support you and move you forward," Caradine says.

8. Build community among your ideal clients. Use Facebook and Twitter as tools to connect with new people and lead the conversation in your industry.

7. Go after bigger clients. Aim high, and see what happens!

6. Create a high-end offer. A distinctive product you can use to attract top-tier clients, bring in revenue and highlight the value in what you provide.

5. Raise your fees. While it might be counterintuitive, you must raise your fees to communicate that as you grow your business and expertise, it will cost clients more to "invest in themselves through you," says Caradine. "Give yourself permission to charge what you are worth and get it."

4. Invest in high-level coaching. Coaching and mentoring build the team you need to help "spot" you as you reach for success.

3. Get style advice to always look your best. Looking your best will help you make a good impression while you're rubbing shoulders with those millionaires.

2. Automate and create systems. Even if your business is small, it pays off to increase its efficiency so it can run smoothly, even when you're not around.

1. Finally write your book. Share your wisdom with the world—so they can benefit, and so you can attract more clients and influential people to your network.

Caradine is on a mission to "empower women entrepreneurs to stop being the 'best-kept secret' and start influencing their market, getting known in the media and making fabulous money." Visit her website, follow her on Twitter and like her on Facebook.