Women in Business and Work-Life Balance

Business Connections Live from the UK talks to networking and business expert Michelle Turner-Davidson of Later Than You Think, who brings her expert tips for work-life balance, especially for women.

She discusses her path through dancing and health and fitness to educating people. Now, her passion is helping educate people running business about how to achieve the most effective and happiest balance.

Managing yourself can be difficult if business owners are transitioning from working for someone to being self employed and are used to having others manage them in the corporate world, Turner-Davidson points out. When the buck stops with you and you want to run it all, there are some key things to remember:

  • Perfection is a myth. You can't have it all.
  • Define exactly what success means to you in business and in life.
  • Become self-aware. Know your strengths and know the strengths of others around you.
  • Collaborate, rather than compete, whenever possible.
  • Children are the entrepreneurs of the future.
  • Be YOU. Network and build your tribe of like-minded people.

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